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Fencing Extravaganza Report

October 10, 2019 in News|2 minute read

Check out what happened at the Fencing Extravaganza!

That’s what we’re calling the two events that took place in September at TFC in Toronto: a fencing and friendly social night on Friday evening, and a full-day adult-focused clinic the next day.

Friday night was a great opportunity to reconnect with friends after the summer in the time-honoured tradition of beating then eating, that is, beating them on the strip, and then sitting down and eating! Breaking bread together is the best way to ensure a lasting peace. About a dozen vets and younger friends came together and did exactly that, fencing the night away and then enjoying the wonderful spread that Yoann (Lebrun) and Chris (Granert) laid before us. Good thing we exercised beforehand!

Saturday saw 24 fencers show up for the vet clinic. The morning started with warming up with some free fencing to warm up, followed by an hour of footwork which can best be described as HIIT training to the beat of a perfectionist coach. We are all the better for it!

Row of fencers standing in en guarde from the view of their feet
Image by Kathy Mason

The afternoon was dedicated to fencing, fencing and more fencing! All weapons were represented, and some of us took the opportunity to switch weapons partway through the day. Master of Arms, there’s going to be greater competition this year! We had all levels of fencers represented too—new fencers who’ve only been fencing a short while, people coming back to the sport, recreational fencers vying to be more competitive, and let’s not forget the hardcore fencers who never actually stopped fencing. There were so many great stories and different reasons that people had to fence, new people to meet and old friends to reconnect with.

Thanks to Yoann for the coaching and lessons, and for all the fencers who enthusiastically supported each other with peer feedback. Come join us for our next event—improve your individual skills, grow our sport, and having fun doing it!

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