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  • Check out what happened at the Fencing Extravaganza! That’s what we’re calling the two events that took place in September at TFC in Toronto: a fencing and friendly social night on Friday evening,
  • Registration for veteran events at the Ontario Provincial Championships closes February 25 at regular prices:  see Note that you can register for
  • Ten daring souls, a few of whom had never fenced before came to the Clinic led by coach Parviz Haghandish and coach Pat Fournier, who assisted.  There were equal numbers of sabeurs, foilists, and
  • [caption id="attachment_187" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Vet Clinic participants, January 15, 2018[/caption] Despite horrific driving conditions, 33 vet fencers made it to the Vango Fencing
  • We've extended the registration deadline for the January 15 clinic until Sunday, January 14. We're delighted that over 25 veterans and pre-vets have registered for the clinic already! This includes
  • As a member of the Veteran Fencing community, we invite you to manage your profile.  Publishing our profiles is important not only to introduce ourselves to each other, but can help attract new veteran