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Like Epee, touches are only scored with the tip of the foil. Like Sabre, fencers must be attacking to score a valid touche. The target area is limited to the torso from the neck to the groin.


In epee, the entire body is the target area. Simultaneous hits are allowed, and only the tip of the weapon is used to score a touche.


Sabre is the fastest of the three weapons. The target area is the torso, arms, and head, and fencers must be attacking to score.

Learn About the Weapons

Choose a weapon below to learn more about the different styles of fencing:

Image of Ron MacLean
Ron MacLean
epee icon

Primary Weapon:

Men's Epee



Age Category:


Image of Rémi Hyppia
Rémi Hyppia
foil icon

Primary Weapon:

Men's Foil



Age Category:


Image of Taner Gunesli
Taner Gunesli
sabre icon

Primary Weapon:

Men's Sabre



Age Category:


Our Vision

Our vision is to create an inclusive community that develops, promotes and maintains adult fencing at all levels ranging from beginner – competitive.

In many countries, including Canada, fencers are eligible for competition in veteran events at age 40. Some international competitions also extend competition to 40+, such as the Commonwealth Fencing Championships, which are hosted every two years.

For the FIE World Championships and other FIE sanctioned events, fencers are not eligible for competition until age 50.

These events are drop-in adult-only practices, and learn-to-fence sessions and are open to fencers aged 30+, or post-university fencers who would enjoy improving their fencing in a recreational setting. Post-practice eats and drinks are encouraged.

Canadian Fencing Academy in Oakville supports women’s-focussed fencing practices open to veteran and 30+ Club fencers to help develop fencing strategies for fencing other women in a concentrated, and social environment.

Tara D'Andrea vs Lorraine Hoyne
Tara D’Andrea vs Lorraine Hoyne (CFA)

World Fencing Championships

2019 – Cairo, Egypt

  • Annual competition of the world’s best
  • Age (decade) category from 50+
  • Team events
  • Separate competitions for men and women
Commonwealth Fencing Championships

2020 – Toronto, Canada

  • Bi-Annual competition
  • Age (decade) category from 40+
  • Team events
  • Separate competitions for men and women
  • Typically, every second competition runs concurrently with the Senior Commonwealth Fencing championships, in the same year as the Commonwealth Games
Canadian Nationals + Canada Cup
  • These competitions run three times per year
  • Age (decade) category from 40+
  • Separate competitions for men and women IF there are six or more fencers registered, otherwise, a mixed event is run
  • Points are awarded toward your national ranking



Canadian Competitions

CFF 2021 National Championships

Fri May 14, 2021 - Mon May 17, 2021
Quebec City Convention Centre 1000 Boulevard René-Lévesque E, Quebec, QC G1R 5T8


International Competitions

Veterans World Championships 2021

Mon Oct 4, 2021 - Sun Oct 10, 2021
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA