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In 2016, George was awarded the Ontario Fencing Association Veterans Inspiration award as the oldest active fencer in Ontario and Canada.

George was born in the United States in 1932.  He grew up in many different places as his father was a civil engineer who worked on major projects inside and outside the U.S.  His grandfather’s family farm in Arkansas was home base.  George became fascinated by early and medieval English and became what is known as an “Anglo-Saxonist”.  After study at Berkeley and elsewhere, he found a job teaching at Queens’ in 1965 and has lived in Kingston ever since.  In 1997 George stepped down as a full-time professor, but continued teaching as an adjunct professor for another 10 years or so  He continues to produce scholarly articles and regularly attends conferences of the International Society of Anglo-Saxonists.

George took some fencing lessons during his time at Berkeley in the 50s, fenced for a few years in the 80s, but it wasn’t until 2006, at the age of 74, that George finally got serious about his fencing career.  He fences both foil and epee and regularly competes in veteran and senior events.  George trains with the Queens’ fencing club.  He is regularly at practice, takes on all comers, and serves as an inspiration to the student fencers who are generally more than six decades younger than he is.

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