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In 2016, Lori was given the Ontario Fencing Association Veterans Inspiration Award as the oldest active female fencer in Ontario and Canada.

Lori was born in 1933 and grew up in Wuppertal, Germany.  Her first two decades were of course greatly affected by what was happening in Germany in the 30s, 40s, and into the 1950s.  Lori continues to be astonished that the country that produced Hegel, Goethe and Beethoven, and so many other great artists, poets, philosophers, and scientists, could also produce Hitler and the Holocaust.  Early in her work career, Lori had the opportunity to visit other European countries in the 50s as part of her job, and decided in the mid-1960s to emigrate to Canada and start a new life in Kingston.  She worked at Dow for 30 years and moved successively into more responsible human resource positions.

As a human resource professional, as she approached her sixties Lori recognized she needed to lay the groundwork for her post-retirement career.  At the age of 59 she took some horseback riding lessons, and soon was the owner of two horses.  But horseback riding wasn’t enough, so at the age of 70 she took up Tai Chi.  But that still wasn’t enough, so at the age of 76 she took up fencing.  But even that wasn’t enough, so at the age of 80 she started to learn Karate.  Even that isn’t enough, so she’s now negotiating to buy an Icelandic pony.  

There are certain opponents that you know are always going to attack, so you just have to wait for it and try to defend or counter attack.  When fencing with Lori, if you wait long enough, like maybe 5 or 10 seconds, she will launch a fearless, blistering KamiKaze-style attack.  The lampshades throughout Lori’s house are decorated by the many medals she earned at various tournaments.

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