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Poule Party (October 2021)

It’s a poule party!

Join us for a day of swiss-style tournament fencing. This event is a mixed event, open to 30+ fencers who have a valid CFF license.


Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Weapons: Foil, Epee, Sabre



All fencers must be fully vaccinated with Health-Canada approved vaccines. Masks must be worn when not fencing. No eating inside the gym. All fencers must sign-in on arrival for contact-tracing.




Fees are payable online after submitting the registration form below, or at the door.


OFA/CFF License

All fencers are required to have a valid OFA/CFF license for 2021-2022.

Renew/Apply for your license



Registration is now closed.


Who’s Coming

Darcy GatesEpee
Vera BelaoussoffEpee
Marie-France LalancetteEpee
Mark BallardFoil
Lorraine HoyneEpee
Lucie HamelinFoil
Karen LaansooEpee
Kirk HarrisEpee
Michael McDonnellEpee
Fritz KristbergsEpee
Bill MasonSabre
Howard SimmonsEpee
Lisa HuzelEpee
Andrew PolakEpee
Elie NewmanFoil
Wing Hong TseEpee
Kevin McCurdyEpee
Brent TurkvanFoil
Anita WooEpee
Matt LawrenceEpee
Andrea LawrenceEpee
Patrick LokietekEpee
Gaby WeiszFoil
Rob McLeanEpee
Tyson ErbEpee
Alfred TongEpee
Ben SpergelEpee
Neil PengellyEpee
Craig BennettEpee
Alex CampbellEpee
Michael ThompsonEpee
Stephen WillsonEpee
Total: 32