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Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2022

The Commonwealth Fencing Championships in 2022 will be held in London, England at the University of East London (UEL) SportsDock facility. This event promises to be a lot of fun and great preparation ahead of the 2022 Veteran World Championships, which are scheduled to be held in Zadar, Croatia in October 2022.

Veteran Events/Schedule

Day 2 – Wednesday August 10, 2022
Wheelchair Men’s Epee Individual – Category A
Wheelchair Women’s Foil Individual – Category B
Day 3 – Thursday August 11, 2022
Wheelchair Men’s Epee Individual – Category B
Wheelchair Women’s Foil Individual – Category A
Day 4 – Friday August 12, 2022
Wheelchair Men’s Epee Team
Wheelchair Women’s Foil Team
Day 7: Monday, August 15, 2022
Veteran Men’s Epee Individual
Veteran Women’s Sabre Individual
Day 8: Monday, August 16, 2022
Veteran Women’s Epee Individual
Veteran Men’s Foil Individual
Day 9: Monday, August 17, 2022
Veteran Men’s Sabre Individual
Veteran Women’s Foil Individual
Day 10 – Thursday 18 August 2022
Veteran Men’s Epee Team
Veteran Women’s Sabre Team
Day 11 – Friday 19 August 2022
Veteran Men’s Foil Team
Veteran Women’s Epee Team
Day 12 – Saturday 20 August 2022
Veteran Men’s Sabre Team
Veteran Women’s Foil Team

 Visit the CFCC22 Site to view the full schedule.



Registration Limitations

There are no limits to the number of participants in the veteran events.

Age Restrictions

Fencers must be 40+ years old to be eligible for veteran events.

CFF/FIE License

Fencers must have a valid CFF License and a valid FIE License. FIE licenses are paid for via the CFF portal and registered the CFF on behalf of the fencer.

CFF/FIE License Registration


How to Register

Please send an email to Gaby Weisz, if you are interested in competing at this event.